• Hurricane protection by shutters

    Especially the coastal countries like Maine, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Lousiana, Virginia etc. are often threatened by hurricanes. If you live in a hurricane-prone area hurricane shutters for windows and glass doors are an excellent investment to protect your property from storm and, particularly important, flying debris.

    Failure of windows and doors frequently lead to interior wall failure or roof failures. The greatest damages Hurricane Andrew has done in Miami, Florida 1992, would have been prevented by shutters covering windows and glass doors.

    Which advantages should hurricane shutters offer?

    • Quick to install in case of a hurricane warning is issued
    • Secure protection for whole windows and glass doors
    • Automated method for closing, if people are not strong enough
    • Ideal if they serve a useful purpose year-round

    When is the best moment for installation hurricane shutters?

    During your house ist built it is easy to plan and install hurricane shutters. But there a many ways to install them into a finished house. Rolling shutters can be installed in front of your existing windows.

    Be sure that the installation is done properly to guarantee the best protection. Maybe it is the best choise to find a qualified and reliable workman.

    Caution: if you use an electric drive to open or close rolling shutters, you need a mechanical backup, in case of a power failure before or after a hurricane.

  • What types of hurricane shutters are there?

    Hurricane shutters made of plywood

    Plywood is an robust, cost-effective materiel to cover windows and glass doors. Use at least 5/8-inch thick, properly reinforced plywood. Each panel must be trimmed to fit within a specific window. A major disadvantage is the high weight and the bulkiness. You need a strong handyman each time to mount the heavy plywood with secure mounting brackets.

    Plastic films

    Plastic films are not an adequate substitute for hurricane shutters. They offer no protection to the glass pane itself, a damage of windows and glass doors are not prevented. You can use plastic films instead of hurricane shutters, where the assembly of solid covers are not possible.

    Steel panels

    Steel panels offer a good protection of windows and glass doors. Because of their weight it is difficult to manage the installation or handling. The purchase is expensive, especially since they only serve this single purpose of use.

    Rolling shutters

    Initially used for hurricane protection in Florida, their multiple benefits generated multiple applications of rolling shutters throughout North America. Rolling Shutters will protect your building, against hurricane or against intrusion, creating a priceless feeling of security.

    Once installed, they provide comfort all year round. When a hurricane warning is issued, simply let down your rolling shutters. Check for safety once again every window, in a few minutes your home is well prepared.

    Especially old or sick people enjoy the comfort of rolling shutters, no heavy plates have to be carried.

    Rolling Shutter will improve the comfort of your house, by enhancing privacy, by protecting your furniture and plants, by reducing noise from outside and creating a resting nest.

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